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Today our little party train jet off to Leavenworth, WA for a few days of respite…and wine tasting!!!
Leavenworth has an incredible little strip of kitschy shops and restaurants (following the Bavarian theme that the town is famous for) as well as some great local wineries – all neatly stacked together on the 1/2 mile strip just off the highway. We like going there for the Christmas set-up (gorgeous) and the relaxation that only a few nights in the mountains can give you.

The wines themselves have never been much to write home about – though I have found a few standouts. 2003 Cabernet Franc from Icicle Ridge Winery. I could only afford one bottle at the time and it is still in my little make-shift cellar ( i.e. a box in my parents’ basement that maintains a perfect 50 degrees F year round – amazing!!) but the resounding flavor when I tasted it was LEATHER – like a big old leather strap. One day I will bring myself to open it and tell you all about it. For now, I will have to see if there are any other beauties up in the mountains that I can bring home.

Enjoy the last week of relaxation before the new year!


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Ahh the infamous work Christmas party…
Always brings about a bit of dread. Should I or should I not have a drink. Well…come on – you are out with your workmates on a weekday with free booze. What else are you going to do but have a few bevvies? It would be rude not to. But then again…there is always the risk of having a Bridget Jones moment on the Karaoke machine…or the dance floor. Alas, throwing caution to the wine…ahem wind, I had attended our work Christmas party last week and did just that – Bridge Jones moment times 3. You be the judge as to whether I have completely screwed my chances of superstardom….

Number of times fallen: 4
Number of full on, on your bum, splayed out on the hard ground, in front of many people who all gasp in horror/embarrassment for you, falls: 2
Alcohol of choice: white wine in small plastic cups
Shoes worn: Ted Baker black peep toe heels (more like skyscrapers actually – they are readily worn in the North of England with short skirts and rarely a jacket in sight)
Locations of falls:
1. While getting IN to the taxi (should have gone home at this stage…). Wine consumed at this stage: 1 glass red, 1 glass mulled wine
2. While walking up the stairs to put my coat in the coat check (yes, you CAN fall UP stairs…). Wine consumed at this stage: no additional…
3. While walking down the stairs from the dance floor (understandable given fake snow on the ground, making it very slippery). Wine consumed at this stage: + 2 glasses white wine
4. While walking down the single step from the bar onto the dance floor (this was the most embarrassing…full on fall into a group of people dancing..and late enough in the night to cause concern around my level of drunkenness. Dare to say very few people thought it was due to my sky high heels…Needless to say, my glass of white wine did NOT remain in tact and instead completely drenched the front of my dress. I quickly and awkwardly got up with the help of an actor dressed as an elf (yes, my company is a bit crazy) and stood in the corner of the room until my embarrassment subsided…

To just cement the whole question as to whether or not it was just the wine, the heels or my bone-crunching clumsiness, I woke up the next morning a bit worse for the wear but functioning. I got myself ready and grabbed the 3x bottles of Cava I bought for my team as a Chrissy pressie. Even though my arms were full I needed a coffee…obviously. So, coffee in hand, box of wine and purse + Mac Air laptop, I walked the remaining 3x blocks into work. A few minutes later I was on the ground. Yet again – I fell:

5. While walking to work, hands full of Cava, Purse and Coffee. Amazingly, nothing spilt or broke. In fact, this blunder was the most graceful fall I think many people would have seen…ever. I slipped with my left boot – slid really – and landed with my legs in a Z shape on the ground. An old man considered whether to help me up (this is the middle of London and I looked rather an expert at falling at this stage so I understand his trepidation) and eventually asked whether I was OK. “Oh yes, just having one of those days” and then I finished the remaining blocks to work. Unscathed thankfully.

Moral of the story?
– White wine IS the best party drink
– High heels should be left at home for work parties
– If you do fall, just blame it on the heels and grab another glass of wine…
– If you fall with coffee in your hands, you are either still drunk or just a complete klutz.

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