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What better time to get up to speed on what wines you like, love and covet than when you are preparing for upcoming festivities with family and friends? There are a million ways to start brushing up on your skills: Head to your local supermarket/wine shop and ask lots of questions (many times they will have tastings available while you browse – just ask), Attend a tasting (lots of places offer tastings – speciality shops, wine shops, liquor stores, etc. Keep your eyes peeled), Talk to your friends (many people have a favorite bottle of wine that they use as their ‘go to’ tipple for any celebration. Ask people you know for suggestions and you may just discover a new gem!).
For my part, I will be hosting, attending and conversing about all things wine in the next two months (have a look at what I’m up to here and sign up if you’re interested). As always, if you want to swap ideas – pull up a chair and let’s chat.

Essentials for any successful holiday: 
Brandy – my favourite is Hennessy VSOP. Top it with a bit of ginger ale for a spritzy buzz or some spicy eggnog for a classic holiday treat
Sparkling wine – the holiday favourite in my household is Prosecco because of its light body, balanced flavour and general yummy-ness (plus it can be enjoyed at any time of day…)
Good, full bodied red wine – this is the absolute must have. I love picking a few favourites each year to share with my family. I am still in the discovery phase for this year’s celebrations and will be using my upcoming tastings to explore a few pre-selected Malbecs, Petit Syrahs, Bordeauxs and Tannats. Stay tuned…


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My two lovely friends got married last Monday in London with 20 of their closest friends from around the world looking on. Our troupe was then shuttled into cabs, whisked away to the Champagne bar at St Pancras station and herded into Coach 15 on the Eurostar bound for Paris. After a quick transfer to the regional station in Paris, we were on our way to Dijon. Hop, skip and a 40 minute drive from Dijon, we entered our home for the next week: Chateau du Tailly, a gorgeous 18th century block of three buildings (all of which could have been individual houses)…

So many stories, such a wonderful week. Ultimately, it was about two people: Joel and Marc whose love brought all of us together for this incredible experience. We wined and dined our way through an awe-inspiring week throughout Puligny, Chassagne, Beaune, Mersault and many more. More updates to follow but will leave you with this for now.


The main Chateau and my two lovely friends, Joel and Marc, who hosted us during the week:

My home for the week:


The winemaker at Chateau Lahaye allowing me to ‘break through the must’ on their newest harvest.



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For those of you that know me personally, you’ll know that I am going through a time. One of those dramatic-life-altering periods where everything that you believed in, loved and dreamt about falls down around your feet. Don’t worry, I’m not posting on my ‘fun-lovin wine blog’ with all doom and gloom – just keepin’ it real.

One of the major drawbacks? Over the last four months, I have had some of THE WORST wines. The other day I was drinking ‘California White Wine’ at a pub with friends and the wicked hangover that I experienced the following day was proof of my lack of judgement. Is my drop in standards a result of my broken heart? Or is it more down to the fact that I just want to drink, cry and feel sorry for myself?

One thing is for sure, when the bottom drops out of your life, you really start to see yourself. You see everything just a bit more clear. The good, the bad and the ugly – all in hypercolour. London is surprisingly a pretty good city to be in for this type of self reflection. No matter where you are in the city, you are surrounded by a massive amount of people from every walk of life. I’m currently sitting in a cafe drinking a lovely glass of Chablis AC, blogging to you folks and positioned next to two loud boisterous Spainards, two techy Japanese playing on a MAC and an American girl out for lunch with her gay best friend. Everyone has their own struggles, insecurities and triumphs. Its comforting, if not just a little therapeutic.


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I had a work event in Cardiff last week. What a great city! The sun was shining, atmosphere buzzing and the cab drivers were giving impromptu tours of the landmarks. Our event was at the Coal Exchange near the water. Lots of pretty old style buildings and plenty of happy, welcoming people. After the event was concluded we went to a great little restaurant with our team and the event staff called The Potted Pig. Their speciality? Yep, potted pig. And its ridiculously good.

I however decided to be the true American and ordered brown crab for my meal…

Paired with a gorgeous Petit Chablis, it was an absolutely stunning meal. I did however manage to spray lemon juice, fling crab meat and shells across the table and into my unsuspecting colleagues faces, plates. etc. After a while they just stopped to watch me battle with the big guy. I became extremely focused and somewhat skillful at finding and extracting the crab meat. In the end I only managed the claws and a few of the legs. I have to say however that is was a great way to not overeat. My major drawback? They didn’t supply any bibs!!

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