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I have an early meeting for my day job this morning so I am up, drinking coffee, blogging and passively watching Daybreak (I do miss the Today show with Katie Couric & Matt Lauer…). Work & life have fully launched into the new year. Already its looking good but I sometimes can’t believe just how busy things have gotten. Only a month ago I was finishing up Christmas with my family. I have just poured the very last of my Christmas coffee grinds into the coffee maker and am enjoying a few lingering cups of strong American style coffee – reminiscent of mornings with my parents over the holidays. 

Now on to February!

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Merry Christmas!

Wishing you a very merry day with your family and friends. Enjoy some yummy wine (Scott Paul Pinot Noir “Audrey” for us today!) and lots of time relaxing.

All my best

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