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Bangkok and beer

I arrived in Bangkok a day ago and have been soaking up the sites, smells and sounds. Literally.

My hotel is in Chinatown, the commercial hub and foodie heaven. Though there isn’t a Western shop or sign in sight there is randomly a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf downstairs. Just in case I guess. Such a contrast to the street outside with its hussle, grime, entrails and amazing spices that waft the most incredible smells through the air. Its out of place and somewhat ridiculous (an Americano was the same price as a large beer) but just by being there, its easing my transition.

Outside the coffee shop I witnessed a wine tasting today. I didn’t snap a pic because I didn’t realize what was happening until I’d walked by. It wasn’t a public tasting, it was a distributor showing his wares to the hotel manager. Why I found this interesting is because there isn’t wine on any menu that I’ve seen. Anywhere. Its beer or cocktails. I don’t really mind, Singha beer is ridiculously good and its refreshing in the 30+ degree heat.

I’ll let you know if I discover any new gems on my travels. If you want to follow my journey, I have started a sister blog: findingnewladders.wordpress.com

Lots of love from Bangkok


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I have an early meeting for my day job this morning so I am up, drinking coffee, blogging and passively watching Daybreak (I do miss the Today show with Katie Couric & Matt Lauer…). Work & life have fully launched into the new year. Already its looking good but I sometimes can’t believe just how busy things have gotten. Only a month ago I was finishing up Christmas with my family. I have just poured the very last of my Christmas coffee grinds into the coffee maker and am enjoying a few lingering cups of strong American style coffee – reminiscent of mornings with my parents over the holidays. 

Now on to February!

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