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The singer/songwriter/DJ Imogen Heap has always made me dream of London. When I was  24, I could think of nothing more fantastic that to live and work in London – mainly to be near a boy that I thought I was in love with. London represented everything I felt I should be experiencing in my twenties: long commutes, no money, teeny apartments, weird roommates, broke friends, long nights with lots of booze.

This song in particular caught me every time and whirled me into a daydream about what my life would be like when I finally got to London – falling in love, making excuses to stay together longer, rainy nights remedied through open fires and warm cuddles.

Now that I live in London and have experienced a different side of this dream, it still strikes a chord. It feels more like a song of happy chances and taking risks. Or not. I’m older and more, ahh…seasoned shall we say…but I still love this song. I have been to see Imogen twice, once in London’s Albert Hall. She’s brilliant. She forever reminds me of a hopeful, if slightly naive, time in my life.


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