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Looking around London at the moment, you would think that the entire city has gone for an extended jog. Dusting off the cobweb infested trainers and hitting the park, the sidewalk or the riverbank with reckless abandon. I hate to be a spoil sport but I can’t wait for the omg-my-saddle-bags-are-hitting-my-ankles resolutions to be over in a few weeks. I am all for exercise but I enjoy mine when there aren’t a million other people trying to do the same thing. Also given that I have been on an on-off diet for most of my life, ‘losing weight’ isn’t something I focus on only once a year…

My new year resolutions can be summed up in two words: Be Bold. I was talking to a friend last night about career, life and family and he told me that if you’re not going to be bold and take a risk then you will never reap the rewards. Now, at the risk of sounding trite, him saying that really just summed up my current state in life. If you don’t take a step forward, then you will simply stay in the same place. This year is my year. Let’s be bold.



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Jetlag is a bitch. I got just under 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep last night…I have no children and my apartment is quiet at night (though quite drafty but that is beside the point). After waking up every 30 minutes or so after 2AM I finally called it quits at 5AM. I made a pot of coffee and settled in to the fact that I was going to be running on fumes today. And boy am I – barely keeping awake at the moment and brain functionality is almost non-extistent…
Beyond that, it has been a relatively good start to the year. I made my resolutions yesterday following the standard barrage of guilt-inducing new year Facebook posts from my Type-A friends. I stuck with all the normal stuff: Lose weight (was necessary prior to the last three months of binge eating and wine consumption…), find a way to quickly become a successful wine entrepreneur, sell my underwater-overpriced condo in the US and buy a house, sort out all of my relationships and instantly become a richer, happier and more beautiful person……
So let’s all raise a glass to completely overly ambitious and thus unrealistic new years resolutions – bring on 2012!!

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