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After the last, amazing drop of Adina’s ’05 Petit Verdot was consumed by my partner and I, I had resigned myself to probably not finding another PV so deliciously more-ish. But alas! Not a few months later and I have found another scrumptious bottle of this amazing grape made by another Aussie producer – Brown Brothers. It is a reserve release but very reasonably priced. For any PV lovers, I would highly recommend this wine.

Brown Brothers Reserve Release Petit Verdot, 2007
$13.99 AUD (from TheWineSociety.com.au)

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I shared this bottle with my family during my birthday celebration and it was drinking absolutely beautifully. This is a bottle that I saved for the last 3 years in my cellar in Seattle. Breathtaking. Dense, heavy but elegant – just like a proper Oregon Pinot Noir should be. I have just done a search on the wine to see if it was still available and lo and behold – they are offering this wine for sale! $42 USD and worth every cent. When I bought this wine, I had to coax a six pack out of them that was only being sold to their neighbors after I just so happened to meet the winemakers at a dinner in the Williamette Valley.

Needless to say, buy it. Have it shipped wherever you are in the world. Its required for Thanksgiving (which is only a few weeks away…) or Christmas…

Update: I have just confirmed with Dewey and Robin Kelley that they have a few bottles left of the ’05 Wedding Block and it can only be purchased directly through the winery or online. Go Get ‘Em!

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I have done it…or shall I say my army of friends, my fearlessly thirsty partner and me have done it. After buying four cases (yes…four entire cases or 48 glorious 750ml bottles) of Adina’s 2005 very last vintage of Petit Verdot, we have officially finsihed the last bottle. I have written about this wine previously…and it has inspired many lively conversations about my love of Australian wine and the rouge and risk loving winemakers that create such jewels as a 100% Petit Verdot. So this is a sad day when the wine, every last dropplet, has been slurped up. Adina has chosen to not continue this wine for reasons that I can not really fathom (other than the pure economic sense of growing a more popular, mass production type of grape like merlot) and thus we will no longer have the joy of this rare and delightfully pungently pure varietal. Adina had put an attractive slant onto the grape that I cannot find replicated in other vineyards imitations. Perhaps they spiked it with something? Honestly though, all I know is that anyone who was welcomed to our home with a glass of Adina Petit Verdot ended up lying on our couch three hours later and two bottles down, happy and gurgling joyfully.

Rest in peace Adina Petit Verdot…you will be missed!

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I opened this on Friday evening after a very long week. Absolutely amazing, big bodied Pinot. It completely hit the spot – rich dark, peppery but delicate enough to satisfy. As you may have noticed, I adore heavy red wines and as a rule Pinots do not usually fall into that category (hence I don’t often drink them). I have just had a look at their website to see if I can order more online but it seems that they haven’t updated the site in a few years…

Regardless – here are the details for you to peruse: $30 AUD, Bought at Cellar Door

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I’m hoping to gather a list of good wine courses that are available in Sydney. Can you help? I’m looking for an introductory course on tasting, varietals, global wine regions, viticulture, etc. If you have been on a good course, please let me know.


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Not the best – but tasty enough. I have heard about Bimbadgen from friends but have never had the chance to visit their cellar door. I bought the bottle around the corner from my house in Tamarama, NSW at the bottleshop.

Bimbadgen Estate, Hunter Valley/Orange, 2006 Shiraz ~$20AUD

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Amazing – trying out 44 different wines by taste, half glass or full glass, picking out your own wine specific glasses by Chardonnay, Cabernet, Shiraz, etc., – in a self service lounge room. When you find one you like, they have beautiful and uniquely decorated rooms off to each side of the tasting room where you can order something to nibble on and enjoy a few glasses or a bottle of your favorite pick. They have just started up First Thursday’s tasting night for members as well. For more info: www.wineodyssey.com.au

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